#oneaday Weapons, Grids, Stats and Magic

Yeah yeah, I posted up a blog yesterday to cover Thursday, but nothing that was actually for yesterday, I actually couldn’t think of anything to write about, there’s wasn’t anything that came to light that I had a strong enough opinion about. Today is only young however, and something may pop up that I want to write about, but if it does, that can be covered in a scheduled post for tomorrow or something as today I want to discuss the game I’m getting an incredible amount of enjoyment from right now.

I’ve declared my love for the PSP’s catalogue of games in the past, the system seems to deliver just what I want at just the right pace for me to get my money’s worth out of each game I boot up on it, and the latest to add to the list of titles is Square-Enix’s “Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together”.

I’m aware that this is a remaster/remake of an older game on the Super Nintendo that also received a PlayStation update, but this PSP edition has, from what I understand, been rebuilt from the ground up. I’m not going to go into detail as to how the versions differ as 1. I really can’t comment on that as I’ve not played the previous versions, nor have I played previous instalments in the franchise (although I have played other games that were designed by Yasumi Matsuno, namely Final Fantasy XII, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and something has to be said about the way in which he crafts his worlds, the attention to detail is incredible really). Thus far I’ve sunk about 12 hours into it, have managed to get onto Chapter 2 (of how many I don’t know) and can see me sinking even more time into it.

It’s odd really, I often find myself struggling to finish off games that are between 6 and 10 hours long regardless of the platform, but give me a RPG on the PSP and I can hit double figures without even trying, whether that’s down to the platform and the fact I can play it regardless of whats going on around me I don’t know, although that obviously helps to some degree. Back to the game itself though and one thing I’m really liking is that progress is literally dictated by my ability to command my troops so far, there’s been absolutely no need to grind the increase the strength and abilities of my characters which is a far cry from Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions or Nippon Ichi’s titles (the latter seem to be obsessed with levelling up really), it’s this that often seems to aid in me giving up on such games, I enjoy battle systems and learning their intricacies, but when you’re being forced to do the same thing (and quite often the same battle multiple times) it can grow increasingly tiring.

I was really enjoying ZHP Unlosing Ranger for a while, but that game is pretty much completely based upon repetition, as are the Badman games, and that just became too much for me after a certain period of time and I’ve never gone back to them. I seriously hope that the first ten hours or so is a good representation of what to expect from the rest of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, because thus far its an excellent game that deserves to played by anyone who claims to enjoy the SRPG genre.


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